Electronics Machine

Electronics product design and development

What is the EM's development model (Design Sphere)?

The Design Sphere is a stratified set of services designed to accommodate all new product development needs (feasibility through to volume manufacture).

Product Development Services

The EM's Development Model (Design Sphere)

The EM and its partners’ development services are stratified such that the speediest and most economic design service is available for projects with prescriptive requirements, and those with deeper or more challenging requirements are dealt with by higher levels of service, e.g., design for manufacture or feasibility studies. This means that there is no misunderstanding of expectations from day one. Costs, timescales and risks start being assessed at the onset of discussions about the project.

Core Service Level (CSL)

  • Client has prescriptive specification.
  • Needs prototypes as quickly as possible.
  • Compliance with client’s specification guarantees conformance with all needs.

If the last bullet can’t be guaranteed, look at the Standard Service Level (SSL) below.

Subscription Level 1
Subscription Level 2

Standard Service Level (SSL)

  • Specification verification against purpose.
  • Project management (Agile planning).
  • Client guarantees/waives needs for volume manufacture.

If the last bullet can’t be guaranteed, look at the Enhanced Service Level (ESL) below.

Enhanced Service Level (ESL)

  • Optimised product configuration for mass manufacture.
  • Supply chain design/infrastructure.
  • Design for manufacture/test/service.
  • Capacity planning.
  • Guaranteed no feasibility challenges.

If the last bullet can’t be guaranteed, look at the Elite Service Level (XSL) below.

Subscription Level 3
Subscription Level 4

Elite Service Level (XSL)

  • Feasibility investigation/resolution.
  • Problematic design resource situations.
  • Guidance on intellectual property.
  • Funding/grants/crowdfunding.
  • Prescriptive specification generation.

The outcome of an XSL might even open the door to rejoining the design sphere at the CLS with confidence because the EM has done the groundwork.