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Frequently asked questions

That’s simple. Either send the EM an email at [email protected] or call us – Contact page or header of any page on the website. We will be more than happy to discuss any aspect of your project, and, if doesn’t lie within the scope of the EM, we’ll tell you where you can get it done.

Just contact us by email ([email protected]) and we’ll take it from there.

Our terms and conditions of business are submitted with every quote we do. Just find the quote we sent for you and it will be with it. If you want to see the Ts and Cs before deciding to place an order, that’s no problem. Just send us a request for a copy of them by email ([email protected]) and we’ll send you a copy by return.

No problem with that. We do it all for you, unless you want to do it yourself. We will manage all questions that the electronics manufacturer has without bothering you. The costs are passed on to you because it is rather difficult to assess prototype costs before a product has been designed.

First of all, tell us and any other supplier you are dealing with that you want an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). We will be happy to sign yours or use ours if that’s okay with you. The next important thing is to make sure you don’t tell anyone who isn’t under NDA about your design – go and see a patent attorney – all the advice you need to protect yourself will be given for free – usually – don’t use them if not. If you need a first stab at a patent dealt with it should be possible to get the patent attorney to do it for you for a reasonable price, and we can recommend some partners if required.

The further you can get with writing a technical specification the better and smoother will be the development experience, but don’t worry if this isn’t  easy, we can take you through the process. Any prototype testing you’ve done is likely to lessen the load too.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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