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Why Electronics Machine?

Experts in Electronics Product Development

We listen to our customers and although they tell us that technical competence and the ability to manage the project are key, a major focus is always on the commercial aspects of the project, will it be delivered on time and is it commercially viable, i.e. will I see a positive ROI.  By engaging the Electronics Machine, a specialist electronics products design company, we will provide you with the necessary information to help you navigate the electronic product development cycle and advise on the most suitable commercial direction for your electronic product development project.  Please review our questions below and see how we can help you realise ROI, reduce time to market and mitigate commercial risks.


Our Electronics Design Sphere Approach

We have developed an electronics product design formula made up of four distinct design spheres that will meet your electronic product development requirements regardless of which stage of the product lifecycle you are at:-

Core Services Level – Ideal for early or concept stage product development where you have a clear specification

  • You have a clear specification
  • Needs prototypes as quickly as possible


Standard Service Level – Perfect for start-ups and small businesses

  • Specification verification against needs
  • Project management (Agile planning)
  • You handle volume manufacturing requirements


Enhanced Service Level – Our Enhanced Level Service is tailored for growth-stage companies ready to scale

  • Optimised product design for volume manufacture
  • Supply chain design/infrastructure
  • Design for manufacture/test/service
  • Capacity planning
  • Guaranteed no feasibility challenges


Elite Service Level – Reserved for industry leaders and cutting-edge projects

  • Feasibility investigation/resolution
  • Problematic design resource situations
  • Guidance on intellectual property
  • Funding/grants/crowdfunding
  • Prescriptive specification generation

Flow/Pressure Metrics

Many medical and other markets require flow and pressure monitoring. This article gives a window into the technicalities of the topic.

Wireless technologies

Everyone needs to be connected. Discover the advantages of taking your technical product into the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and beyond

LED UVC disinfection

The pandemic has brought disinfection to the fore, and nothing really does it as effectively as UV radiation. Learn how useful technologies are being developed without risk to the living.

About Us

We are not just a pcb design company, we are an electronics design consultancy with over 20 years of expertise in electronics product design across all sectors including but not limited to automotive, medical, power networks, aviation and utilities. We pride ourselves using the latest project management methodologies, on our rigid adherence to industry safety standards both in the UK and overseas.  Our product design consultancy has also obtained the ISO 9001 accreditation, so we can work seamlessly with our customers and their processes. We are confident regardless of you electronic product design stage or project challenge that we have an electronic design sphere in place to develop your electronic product and make it a commercial success.