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Electronics Design Services

Your Design Made Simply Quickly Correctly

Product Design Spheres

Welcome to the forefront of innovation where your vision for electronic products transforms into tangible success. At the Electronics Machine, we understand that each creator, innovator, and industry leader is on a unique path in electronics product design and development. That’s why we’ve crafted four distinct service levels to match your project’s needs at every stage.

Those with deeper or more challenging requirements are dealt with by greater spheres, e.g.

This means that there is no misunderstanding or missed expectations.

Costs, timescales and risks start being assessed at the start of discussions about the project.

Core Service Level (CSL)

Core Service Level – Ideal for early or concept stage electronic product development where you have a clear specification. Our Core Service Level offers foundational support to get your electronic product development journey off the ground. Benefit from basic design consultations and feasibility studies that pave the way for your innovative ideas.

Subscription Level 1
Subscription Level 2

Standard Service Level (SSL)

Standard Service Level – Step up to professional-grade services with our Standard Service Level. Perfect for start-ups and small businesses, this tier includes comprehensive electronics product design services, prototype development, and initial testing to ensure your concept has the potential to soar.

Enhanced Service Level (ESL)

Enhanced Service Level – Our Enhanced Level Service is tailored for growth-stage companies ready to scale. In addition to the Standard offerings, enjoy advanced design optimisations, multiple prototype iterations, and rigorous testing procedures that refine your product for market readiness.

Subscription Level 3
Subscription Level 4

Elite Service Level (XSL)

Elite Service Level – Reserved for industry leaders and cutting-edge projects, the Elite Service Level offers an all-encompassing solution. Experience our top-tier electronic product development, including end-to-end project management, high-fidelity prototyping, integrated software solutions, and full-scale production support.

Your Design Delivered

Each service level builds upon the last, ensuring a seamless transition as your project evolves. If the last bullet from any list can’t be guaranteed, we recommend you review the next service level up.  We appreciate that perhaps not every product development will fall exactly into a design sphere, and in that case we can craft a custom service for you and your requirements.

From ideation to end user, the Electronics Machine is your trusted partner in bringing electronic innovations to life. Partner with us and turn your brightest ideas into the next big thing.