Electronics Machine
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Electronics Software

Bring your hardware to life with EM software and firmware

Systems Design and Algorithms

The key to sound software systems is thorough systems analysis, which means understanding the macro requirements like pages and screens, and having mathematically rigorous knowledge of electronic modules, e.g., PID control of motors. 

The EM has a suite of tools and skills to deliver on these exacting requirements.

Driving Existing Projects Forward

No matter what stage your project is at, the EM is here to pick it up and drive it to completion.

The last thing an existing project needs is to be dragged backwards because of a necessity to change resource. The EM will pick up projects at any stage and seamlessly push them forward into the next phase of development.

TDD – Test Driven Development

Modern software/firmware is often very complex, and trivial modifications can set off a tsunami of issues because it is just to time consuming to properly test before release.

TDD (test driven development) is the answer to this – software dynamically written to test other software. The EM is using this technique – more detail gladly shared if required.

Why Electronics Tuner?

Quick to market and economical

By integrating your project into the EM we can save you time and money by creating rapid prototypes at low cost

Technical support

Professional engineers are ready and waiting to assist you with the use of the Electronics Machine should you have any questions. Why not give us a call?

No special expertise needed

A crystal clear design process that translates your thoughts into practical prototypes without any specialist knowledge

Transparency is key

Successful product development is critically dependent on integrity. We prioritise transparency and honesty in all our developments.