Electronics Machine

The Electronics Machine

Electronics product design and development

Turnkey Electronics/Enclosure and Software

Having different suppliers of electronics, mechanical enclosures and software sometimes leads to problems because each only looks after its own discipline. Not so with the EM – we support the whole process – start to finish.

Agile Project Planning/Management

One of the root causes of electronics product development disappointment is a failure to marshal, monitor and manage the disciplines – usually achieved through effective planning and management. This can lead to silo mentalities and overlooked requirements.

The solution: have the product developer own the planning process – that’s what the EM does.

Manufacturing Volume/Cost Monitoring

The most prominent dilemma in product development is the need to know the cost of manufacture before the product’s designed, and the fact that you can’t until it has been designed. 

The EM:

  • gives estimates of manufacturing cost/volume at quote stage
  • encourages clients to set a target cost in sympathy with his/her commercial expectations
  • constantly monitors manufacturing cost during development