Electronics Machine
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The Electronics Machine Wizard

Online electronics product design tool

Rapid Prototyping

The key to getting a product to market is to prototype as quickly and cheaply as possible, and repeat the process to learn and achieve success. The EMZ is optimally tuned to allow this.

Simple Click Selection

You just click the module you want, and the EMZ will automatically drop all the detail design onto a bespoke sized PCB.

  • You don’t have to answer any questions
  • The EMZ will not allow modules that would not work together to be chosen

Commercial Viability

Whether a design meets the commercial market model is often overlooked. Not so with the EMZ. A volume/cost graph is instantly provided as soon as the design is complete.

Why Electronics Machine Wizard?

Quick to market and economical

By integrating your project into the EMZ we can save you time and money by creating rapid prototypes at low cost

Technical support

Professional engineers are ready and waiting to assist you with the use of the Electronics Machine Wizard should you have any questions. Why not give us a call?

No special expertise needed

A crystal clear design process that translates your thoughts into practical prototypes without any specialist knowledge

Transparency is key

Successful product development is critically dependent on integrity. We prioritise transparency and honesty in all our developments.

How does the EMZ work?