Electronics Machine
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Core Service Level (CSL)

Subscription Level 1

Project State

The CSL is for clients that really have a very strong grasp of the market and technical needs of their products. A specification will still be needed, but the EM will choose devices that have performances that are as defined by the client.

It isn’t necessary for the client to choose chips, just know exactly what’s wanted.


There is an important difference between stating a required performance and being able to guarantee that performance meets the market and technical needs. An example might be the implementation of ultrasonic transceivers. The EM implement transceiver with the performance specified by the client. If the transceivers in question then failed to perform as expected in use, responsibility for it would lie with the client (assuming the EM had delivered to spec of course).

Under the CSL, the EM takes no responsibility for confirming that the chosen items meet the functional requirements of service.

The client’s specification must be prescriptive – no ambiguity – to qualify for CSL.

The deliverable is hardware and basic firmware that meets the specification of the client, but not necessarily service.

Project planning will be for the core service that the EM is offering only, and it will be internal – not automatically shared with other stakeholders.


The cost will be fixed depending on the specification. The client can expect a quote such as this to be competitive because responsibility for the circuit meeting field requirements remains entirely with the customer.