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Unlocking the Power of AI: Transforming Business Intelligence

AI Illustration with Lock

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force in the business world, promising unparalleled insights, efficiency gains, and competitive advantages. But amidst the buzz surrounding AI, one question looms large: Is AI truly intelligent? AI, in essence, is a tool—a powerful tool, no doubt—but a tool nonetheless. Its intelligence is derived from the algorithms […]

One Page Guide: Is a fixed quote reasonable for electronics product development?

  What’s the issue? The essential truth is that a reasonable, firm and fixed quote for electronics product development is only possible if a complete and prescriptive specification of requirements is available. Fixed quotes are only valid if a fixed and prescriptive specification of requirements exists: try testing your specifications against our Specification Requirements article. […]

One Page Guide: Operations Journey (prototype to manufacture)

  What’s the issue? As is common knowledge but often overlooked, a finalised fully functional prototype in itself is not necessarily ready for volume manufacture. Usually there is a lot of work to be done beyond this stage. This article covers this with the assumption that final prototype stage has genuinely been reached, i.e., the […]

One Page Guide: Electronic Product Development Cost

  What’s the issue? The cost of developing a product ready for market must be budgeted. Clients don’t want development on an open budget, but so many variables come into play that it isn’t prudent for any developer to give fixed budget guarantees – especially if Engineering Specifications aren’t complete. That said, there are measures and […]

One Page Guide: Development Cost Saver

Big risk with development

  What’s the issue? Electronics product development is risky and expensive. There are ways that product development cost can be reduced very significantly without sinking to amateurishness. This article is designed to point you along that path. What are the advantages and disadvantages of DIY product development? The DIY approach is generally bad if it […]

One Page Guide: Big Risk Mitigation with Electronics Product Development

Big risk with development

  What’s the issue? An alarming issue is that most electronic product developments fail ROI requirements (even fail to materialise at all) at the first attempt. Why? – poor management of commercial and technical risk. We are all human, and it is an understandable part of our ego preservation that we avoid analysis of the […]

One Page Guide: Guide to Specfifications

  What’s the issue? An alarming issue is that most electronic product developments fail ROI requirements (even fail to materialise at all) at the first attempt. Why? – poor management of expectations because specifications aren’t thorough. Specifications (detailed, written, mutually approved descriptions of requirements) are the only vehicle by which expectations can be managed properly, […]

One Page Guide: overview of milestones in electronics development

Electronics Product Development Milestones

What’s the issue? A recent market survey by the EM on business owners revealed that a common cause of frustration with developing electronics is the ‘smoke and mirrors’ treatment offered by developers. One said that it’s like chucking your money over a fence and crossing your fingers in the hope that what comes back will […]

One Page Guide: Electronics Prototyping Costs

  What’s the issue? To be sure of an acceptable ROI with an electronic product development, it is necessary to estimate what prototyping costs for electronics PCBAs are likely to be. This can be a point of issue because you might reasonably think it is a one off cost, but it isn’t. What’s more, per […]

Right first time vs. fail fast

Right first time is a dangerous myth! For many years it has been thought that inordinate lengths must be used to ensure that a product’s development is right first time, in other words the first prototype satisfies all. This is a road to failed product development. It is wrong-headed, despite having been a maxim for […]