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How is Controlled Impedance Guaranteed in PCB Manufacturing?

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What’s the issue? Transmission of high frequency signals on PCBs requires skilled design techniques that determine the impedance (characteristic) on PCBs. Transmission will not be effective – or fail – if this isn’t done when signals have high frequency. The design element associated with this is not covered here: it is assumed that the design […]

EMC Testing: Needed? What is it?

What’s the issue? Harking back to pre-Brexit days (and now in the UK – nothing has essentially changed other than labelling), standards were introduced via the EU that mandated testing for electronics devices to ensure that products neither suffered because noisy electromagnetic conditions, nor that they caused such conditions in the first place. Some of […]

Is AI the future or Marketing Hype?
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What’s the issue? AI (artificial intelligence) is the current hot topic (2020s), but is it a future we must all embrace, and if so what does it involve and deliver? The trouble with such technological evolutions is that promotional marketing of a deep technology inevitably involves misunderstanding and misinterpretation. The levels vary: Y2K was little […]

One Page Guide: overview of milestones in electronics development

Electronics Product Development Milestones

What’s the issue? A recent market survey by the EM on business owners revealed that a common cause of frustration with developing electronics is the ‘smoke and mirrors’ treatment offered by developers. One said that it’s like chucking your money over a fence and crossing your fingers in the hope that what comes back will […]