Electronics Machine

Wireless technologies

There are numerous companies out there with ground breaking inventions and products not connected to the internet (IoT – internet of things). Most companies are aware of the seismic change including such connectivity can bring them but are sometimes unsure how and with whom to make it all happen. The ET is more than happy […]

UVC disinfection

UVC (ultraviolet light) has been used for killing bacteria for decades, but it is not resurgent largely because of Covid. It kills bugs very effectively. The trouble is it it can also be dangerous because doses above certain levels can initiate cancer. There are a few simple statement that clearly show why UVC is so […]

Right first time vs. fail fast

Right first time is a dangerous myth! For many years it has been thought that inordinate lengths must be used to ensure that a product’s development is right first time, in other words the first prototype satisfies all. This is a road to failed product development. It is wrong-headed, despite having been a maxim for […]

One Page Guide: Electronics Manufacturing Cost

  What’s the issue? To be sure of an acceptable ROI with an electronic product development, it is necessary to know both what the manufacturing cost of electronics (PCBAs) will be and what the market price can be, but manufacturing cost isn’t accurately known before design. It’s an irritating dilemma, but the EM can help. […]